Saturday, November 7, 2009


For several weeks now, Aussama has been telling us that she would bring two Korean friends to practice with her this Saturday, people she met in Korea. We were pleased because today was the first time we were able to offer consulting interviews (with Senior Dharma Teacher Margaret Wheeler). When we arrived at the chapel we learned that one of Aussama's friends was also an old friend of ours--Jee Hyun Lee, who has been living in Philadelphia where is an Assistant Professor at Drexel. What a surprise! We were also happy to meet Jee's friend, Jin, who is also a first-year Assistant Professor at Drexel. How lucky we all are to have such wonderful friends to practice with.


Anonymous said...

aigu (delighted tone)

Jee said...

Thank you for your practice and teaching!

Dick Marston said...

Hello dharma pals,

Someone sent this to me--can't remember why now--but it is a very interesting presentation. I recommend you take 19 minutes and listen to the entire presentation. Basically, it is the true-life experience of a brain specialist that suffers a stroke. It is apparent from this speech that in meditation we are trying to "clear" the right side of the brain.