Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"An Extremely Expansive Place"

Here is an excerpt from the recently published translation of the Collected Works of Korean Buddhism in thirteen volumes. This passage opens Won Hyo's "Preface to the Commentary on the Jin Translation of the Flower Ornament Sutra." The really cool thing about the publication is that it's all on-line and free. This is a monumental offering. Many thanks to Robert Buswell and his team of collaborators. Here is the link.  

"Now, in the unhindered and unobstructed dharma-opening of the dharma-realm there is no dharma, and yet no non-dharma; no opening, and yet no non-opening. Thus it is neither large nor small, neither in a hurry nor taking its time; neither moving nor still, neither one nor many. Since it is not large, it can become an atom, leaving nothing behind. Since it is not small, it can contain all of space with room left over. Unhurried, it can include all the kalpas in the three time periods; not taking its time, it can enter fully into an instant. Since it is neither moving nor still, samsāra is nirvāna and nirvāna is samsāra. Being neither one nor many, one dharma is all dharmas and all dharmas are one dharma." Won Hyo