Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kwan Se Um Bosal

Thom Pastor JDPSN was seriously injured a few days ago when he was rear-ended by a drunk driver traveling in excess of 100 mph. Thom's neck and shoulder were broken. Fortunately, his spinal cord was not damaged. He had surgery on his shoulder today and will have to wear a neck halo for some time as his neck heals.

Please keep Thom and his family in your thoughts.

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Anonymous said...

From: "Karen Rennick"
Date: May 15, 2008 2:41:45 AM EDT
Subject: News On Thom

Dear Sangha,
I went by the hospital tonight to drop off all your well wishes for Thom. He has been moved to to the third floor, to Rehab. He was eager for company, and I spent over two hours with him (and his wife, Viva). He looked great...afew bruises and such, but I've seen worse from people coming off a soccer field. I was amazed at how good he looked and sounded! He loved the 'card' (see attached) and was touched by all your well wishes from all over the world. Also, all your emails were put in a book to make it easier for him to read. I can't even remember what all we talked about (or his specific message to you, which I'll get tomorrow when I bring my laptop) because all I could think about was, "Wow, he's okay, he's really going to be okay."

Some of what I recall: He will wear his 'halo' from 3-6 months, maybe longer. He will be doing therapy for quite some time, first, in the hospital, then at home. He will probably work from home for awhile, starting with afew hours, then building. The driver that hit him was doing about 120 mph, and was on PCP. He hasn't taken any heavy duty pain meds since yesterday.

Thom would love to receive visitors, after 5:00 p.m. His day is filled with rehab exercises, tests, and poking and prodding, followed by a nap. The evenings are dull, and he would love company. I didn't want him to over-do, and several times said maybe I should let him rest. He would have none of it, and asked if I wanted a chair, ha ha! It was great to see him, chatting and even chuckling (I think laughing hurts). Did I mention he looks great? What a Poep Sa!

I am ecstatic over this miraculous turn of events, from being crunched in a car and excavated using the 'Jaws of Life', to sitting in a chair chatting a week later. Thom will have alot of recovery ahead of him, but he will be back, 100%.

I met afew of our Sangha at the center after I left the hospital, as they were leaving practice. After tomorrow nights practice, we are all going down to see Thom. He should sleep well after that! When I get home I will send out another update.

Keep those cards and letters coming, he relishes each and every one of them!

Yours In The Dharma,
Karen :)