Monday, January 28, 2008

Post Retreat

Thanks to everyone who helped make the retreat such a success: Bob for set-up and hosting Judy; Pete and Sam for cooking and site break down; Dick for hosting Linc and giving a great dharma talk; Matt for picking Linc up; Rebecca for moktok; and Margaret for shopping, cooking, and making sure I got the story right. Thanks, too, to Susan, Liatris, and Judy for helping out with the ceremony.

Here are some ceremony pics: thanks and congratulations for Rebecca for taking sixteen precepts and Dick for taking five.

Midshipman Marston comes aboard!

Everybody says "kim chee"!


Anonymous said...

Thanks to you Christina for all your hard work, schlepping, setting up, organizing, the wonderful soup you made to welcome us on Friday evening, your capricious style of officating the precepts ceremony, and for functioning as HDT for the retreat - somewhat a kin to herding cats. Miaou - Miaou.

rbrown said...

This looks like a wonderful retreat. Being that it's the first one I've missed in a while, I'm kicking myself. I'm so sorry that I missed this precepts ceremony and that I missed sitting with Bill and Susan. Well, there's always next time!
Ukulele Richard
::==( o )

Christina Hauck said...

Dear Anon,

You are welcome! But who are you?

Love, C

Margaret said...


In this instance, "anonymous" is your beloved spouse attempting to be playful.